smart scent pure water addative with fresh boost 1 ltr delivery included

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please    stop using additive   in your  tank and use pure to flush  out  pervious product  , to set up using  smart scent  please  dose to the following for a week

50 mls    per day for 1 week  if your  up to 500 mls  , 500/650  50/70 mls and  650 to 1000 ltr  100 mls


then find your  ratio that fits your  business  ,   i use a 300 ltr tank and i use 25  mls  , others  have  used 20  mls  so find what suits yours


details  –  add  5-10 mls per 100  ltrs of  pure  water  and mix well  in  ,

  max   mix 25 mls per  100 ltrs

please add the  same  safety  details aka wash if on hands, eyes and seek advice malarkey  pal

A industry  first  !  ukupvc smart scent

 this power full smart  scent additive  helps  control bacteria in the  tank and  gives a  biocidal effect to  glass and frames  on UPVC and PVCU and  gutters etc, safe  on glass  and activally  helps   keep  dirt  at bay  ,  controlling the  dirt  means  the frames  look cleaner for longer  with constant  use of  smart scent .

smart scent  also  contains  a  scent  that leaves  a  noticeable  fresh clean smell   of which is a first  in the  industry  , your  customers will notice    the scent and  stays  for up to 3 days  after cleaning  * weather conditions  may affect this  longevity. every  4th add of smart scent youl  not need to add , giving you  a free fill  ,  * if you are dosing  high  levels  you  may find  youl get  2/3 free fill where smart scent wont be needed.

  • Environmentally friendly/ safe
  • Biodegradable 100%
  • Water-soluble
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • ph  neutral  formulation

It contains carefully-selected, non-pathogenic and non-toxic bacteria which are capable of getting deep below the surface where they ensure a controlled breaking-down of the  bacteria.


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