About Us

welcome to  Upvc Cleaning Supplies  and  our  new  site,  for them who don’t  know who Upvc Cleaning Supplies  are  ?  well  here we go

NOW IN UK   SCOTT DENNING FROM TEESSIDE UK  …. brings you  Upvc Cleaning Supplies of  quality  now for uk and  e/u.

we supply  many different products  of  quality  for the  domestic and  industrial market

we have the leading tfr  range in the uk  ! so  good  its  taking the  uk by storm

we offer  window cleaning, upvc cleaning and  soon soft washing and  much much  more.


scott  is  on the  tools  like you  and  works  daily and hard like us all  and know  whats what with upvc cleaning

from compound pastes to pure water addatives      uk upvc cleaning supplies  has the best!  if you  dont  know the products  we sell ?  try them youl see quickly  we only  sell quality


so browse  enjoy and if you have an  questions   pop over to  the facebook page  like and see why many customers  love  our products

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